Rachel teaches violin at all levels; from beginner through to professional. She teaches the Taubman/Golandsky Approach- a comprehensive method which allows players to learn about and apply healthy movements in order to build an effortless technique (see more below).

Rachel was fortunate enough to come across Sophie Till and this method in 2009 (through Therese Milanovic) when she was struggling with pain and other playing limitations. She has since studied extensively with Sophie. Read Sophie’s story here. Sophie (with Edna Golandsky) has spent many years developing the Taubman Approach as a comprehensive method for string players, originally formulated for pianists by Dorothy Taubman.

The Taubman Approach

Decades ago, Dorothy Taubman’s genius led her to analyze what underlies virtuoso piano playing. The result of that investigation has produced a body of knowledge that can lead to an effortless and brilliant technique. It can also prevent and cure fatigue, pain and other playing-related injuries.

The Taubman Approach is a groundbreaking analysis of the mostly invisible motions that function underneath a virtuoso technique. The resulting knowledge makes it possible to help instrumentalists overcome technical limitations as well as cure playing-related injuries. It is also the way that tone production and other components of expressive playing can be understood and taught.

Edna Golandsky is the person with whom Dorothy Taubman worked most closely. In 1976 Ms. Golandsky conceived the idea of establishing an Institute where people could come together during the summer and pursue an intensive investigation of the Taubman Approach. She encouraged Mrs. Taubman to establish the Taubman Institute, which they ran together as co-founders. Mrs. Taubman was Executive Director and Ms. Golandsky served as Artistic Director. Almost from the beginning, Mrs. Taubman entrusted Ms. Golandsky with the planning and programming of the annual summer session. She gave daily lectures on the Taubman Approach and later conducted master classes as well.

Mrs. Taubman has written, “I consider her the leading authority on the Taubman Approach to instrumental playing.”

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